One... Two... Three... Four...

My thoughts on what I have learned from this book is, one "helpful", two "realistic", three "caring" and four "that it makes you think". To be honest I love dreaming. I dream of (being) something big, but when it came down to the part Rosalinda said to write down our plans and be specific and realistic, it was hard for me. That was out of my comfort zone. My fears (has) not been positive for my dreams. Yes, I dream (these) things but what if at the end in 20 years from now, it's not? All the end of all the effort and work I put in for one thing, goes to waste. I don't want to start over and have all these mixed feelings again.

Then the resource sheet... when I get out, my family is going to move and so I won't have the right information. If they don't move out, I might get deported. It's stress for me to think about it. God might want me in Mexico, but like I said, it's out of my comfort zone. So yeah, I have to learn to be strong and get out of my comfort zone.


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