Immediate Needs

-Transportation: We help families who need assistance visiting an incarcerted youth. We provide gas cards, train/metro assistance, bus assistance, and automobile assistance to the youth we serve. We also help with driving practice for those needing to attain a Driver's License.


-Food: We provide food gift cards for groceries. We assist youth with receiving and EBT card or CalFresh card.


-Clothing: We help provide clothing and clothing gift cards for those transitioning from the Foster Care system and those being released from incarceration.


-Hygiene and Care PackagesWe help provide hygiene and Care Packages for those transitioning from the Foster Care system and those being released from incarceration.


-Our Community Living Program allows 6 – 10 youth who were previously in the Foster Care system, in a detention center, or homeless, to have a safe home to live in together while they work and/or go to school. Most use this time to adapt to life in a positive, successful environment.


-Consider being a Host Family for a Foster Youth who has recently aged out of the Foster Care system at age 18 and need a room to rent for a year or so.


Foster Youth

-Group Homes: Family night allows a small group of volunteers each month to “adopt” one of the 11 group homes in Ventura County for an evening of food, games and conversational support.


-Mentoring a Foster Youth is a crucial part of the journey toward their success.


-Encouraging Hearts Female Leadership Course: This series of classes is for local group homes in Ventura County. Keynote speakers come to help mentor the youth and teach them the resourcefulness, resiliency, and leadership skills that they will need when they are transitioned from the group homes and become independent adults. The classes also include healthy ways of expression.


Job Resources

-We help the Youth we serve with Job applications, writing resumes, Interviewing skills and Job Fair attendence.


-We also assist youth with their business clothing needs for interviews and/or on the job attire.


-Consider being a Mentor to help these youth gain the skills they need to start their career successfully.

Detention Youth

-Probation Camps: Once each month, a group of around 10 volunteers heads to each of these facilities to provide a sweet snack, an opportunity to be heard, and a message of hope and optimism for what lies beyond their walls. This visit helps the youth know they haven’t been forgotten and gives them a chance to see alternative perspectives.


-Alpha Leadership Course: This is a 13 week course designed for males within the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility and inside Group Homes. Alpha helps the students learn how to give presentations, how to prioritize and set goals, teaches them to give back to the community, and helps teach forgiveness of self and others. These skills help the young men adapt when they are abruptly released into an overwhelming world.


-Mentoring a Detention Youth is a crucial part of the journey toward their success.