To the Kids,

I have fallen only to build the strength to pick myself up again. This is not the first nor will it be the last. But it is the first time I have gave myself the strength to embrace and open up to a fear and hidden rage that only provokes the mind during the process of building... Many of you may go through that exact phase in life. But understand that all it is is a phase that you will overcome only to take the next step into being a responsible, positive and well-controlled person. Do not let the obstacles you face be the cause to you staying grounded. Let it be the first step to getting up and building... The only person that can keep you grounded is yourself. Do not allow yourself to be the cause of your own self-destruction. Let yourself and obstacles be the reason you get back up and build your next step to being a better person. You deserve to give yourself that every chance of building yourself and thinking anything other is not an option at all... At this I have taking myself out of an easy place only to return to a harder place to face many obstacles I faced in my past. Only this time, temptation to be sucked back into that lifestyle will be greater than ever. Will I give in? Who knows. Will I overcome? Only time will tell. But I will never give up and neither should any of you...



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