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Get Involved...

You can be a part of a dynamic team here at WOSMOH!

Ways you can get involved include: 

Internships, Events, Youth Classes, Group Home Visits,

Detention Facility Visits, and Community Activities.


Mentoring is a crucial way to connect with the Youth we serve by providing advice, support, encouragement and a listening ear as they navigate the road to success.

Fill out an application or contact us to become a Mentor!



Sponsor & Support a Foster Youth STRTP Home (formerly known as Group Home) to create opportunities for foster children to have classes, activities, outings and emotional support.


"We are so very thankful to Jeremy Meeks for coming out and speaking to our Foster Youth in the STRTP home placements and from Juvenile Detention centers. He spoke to over 40 youth from five different placements and homes in one weekend!

He shared about his childhood in Foster Care, the mistakes he made causing him to end up in juvenile halls, etc. He encouraged them to “choose their friends wisely and to never give up hope!!”

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