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Offering a hand up for the many at-risk youth facing homelessness in our community. 

Providing a safe space for youth to grow and achieve their goals.

Emergency Housing

Short term housing for those youth on the verge of homelessness, unexpected transition & displacement. 

In need of Immediate Housing?


" I am so grateful to WOSMOH for helping me when I needed it the most. I found myself in what I thought was an impossible situation. They helped me get on my feet and I was able to stay in a safe place. Thank you WOSMOH!"

Alpha Leadership Housing


"Congratulations to M.M. for excelling in our Eagles Nest Housing Program for one whole year! Such an honest, humble and sweet person! We give best wishes as M.M. continues the journey of transitioning to a successful foster care adult!!!"

WOSMOH Alpha Leadership housing provides a consistent source of support and development in basic life skills. Through Case Management, a community of accountability and support, the participant is encouraged to develop new behaviors that will help them thrive in the communities and sustain long-term success.


WOSMOH Alpha leadership housing will prepare youth for lifelong living skills. There will be mentors, clinicians and case managers to help develop youth as a leader and to help youth gain the understanding and preparation for success in basic life skills.

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